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Amire Kenneth Reed better known as AK.Reed Films, a self taught cinematographer, film editor and director. AK.Reed was born in buffalo NY where he attended Emerson High School and then went on to attend Mohawk Valley community college for graphic design. While playing with his music he then decided to learn to film with a dslr camera and produce his own music videos. but after 3 months of purchasing the canon rebel t2i and learning Sony Vegas editing software he then decided to shoot his own movie. in 2013 AK.Reed films shot, directed,and edited his very first movie called 'Bartender" with no script or budget just a few close friends who trusted his ability to create. the movie was so good that he had a big movie premiere and shortly after a small DVD run In 2015 AK.Reed films teamed up with a Scott Heidt who's music video he shot and they both collaborated on a Russian thriller called the C.O.D.E where they had a big premiere at the  Rivera Theater. Shortly after he met Duece King who AK.Reed was already familiar with because they grew up in the same area. Reed was informed that Duece saw his first movie and was interested in become involved, with Duece Kings street credibility and influence AK decided to meet up where Duece King presented a few paragraphs to a book he was working on. After Hearing the opening to the book King had no title of at the time AK.Reed told king that what he just read was gonna be the opener to their movie, but King was also looking for someone like AK.Reed at the time to help bring his visual and script writing ability to life. AK now along with Duece king then went on to produce their first movie in 2016 called Pure then followed up with Part 2 the following year. Currently AK.Reed now partnered with Duece king presents are working on a new short film movie series called Hunger Pangs. AK.Reed Films the Father of 3 girls Amirah, Aaliyah and Alonna credits his creative ability to the Past, growing up with no father and meeting his mom at 9 years old, his father at 13teen, AK. Reed with no brothers found his self happiness through art, drawing and painting,  what drives AK.Reed films is overcoming the cards he was dealt knowing that his past don't have to be his future and that with love, faith and hard work anything is possible. of all the guys he looked up to it was the man that he found within himself that he believed has the greatest potential in the word, through film making and art he found a new self love.

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