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A tale about a young man . who had what it took to be great but somewhere along the way went astray.While serving time in the penitentiary King Jones reflects back on his life growing up on the upper east side of Buffalo, New York. 

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After witnessing the murder of his father, Alex Keller is separated from his sister Ayanna and placed in foster care. He soon has to learn how to fend for himself on the streets of Atlanta G.A. where he is surrounded by a trail of treachery.  It’s a thin line between revenge and redemption and the only way they’ll be able to overcome the obstacle that has held them back is to stop living in their DADDY’S SHADOW. 

Pure (Paperback)–Release December 20, 2015


Wise Beyond His Years, Jihad is a Calculated Hustler. After Robbing One Of The City's Most Respected Gangsters, He And His Crew Had Ideas Of Taking Over. Yet In Order To Do So, They Must Work For The Enemy.



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