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Born and raised in Buffalo New York, currently residing in Atlanta Georgia, Duece King is the author of
PURE and the creator of PURE the Movie Series. Duece King is a GOD fearing game changer who is a very
innovating entrepreneur that encourages collaborating with intuitive businessmen/women who are not
afraid to chase their dreams and express their ideas.
In 2003, Duece King was incarcerated and sentenced to 10 years for drugs and weapon
possession which was an life altering event. During this dark period, Duece developed a passion for
writing and began to create a narrative of characters using his past experiences. Years later, after paying
his debt to society, Duece King is still a hustler but on a different mission. King now dedicates his time,
sharing the hope that he now possesses. He uses his book and movie series PURE as a tool to reach back
into the communities across America, conveying a message and explaining how we can succeed no
matter the obstacles and tragedies in our past.

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